Artist Spotlight: Utku S.

If someone asked you what the Republic of Turkey was known for these days – what would you say? Personally, two things come to mind: Deron Williams moving there to play basketball during the NBA lockout and a man named Utku S. If you haven’t heard of this guy and you like Electro-House, you’re in for a treat.

At the beginning of the summer I was listening to Tiesto’s Club Life podcast and I noticed a song that had a nice drum fill and wobbling bass lines. Usually during each podcast there are a couple songs that stand out to me and this tune may have stuck with me the strongest since that time. The track was called “Party Days” by Pulseless, remixed by Utku S. Having never heard of the dude, I kept his unique name at the back of my head, anxiously awaiting more tracks. I knew he had to be something special if Tiesto deviated outside his normal House and Trance selections to play something a little more aggressive.

Unfortunately Utku S. remains a bit mysterious as far as biographical information is concerned. What I can tell you is that he has clearly been hard at work over the past year, judging by the four pages of tunes up on his Soundcloud. Additionally, he just released “Complextro” which is a sample package that producers can use to “rock the dance floor” (the description goes on to say Featuring a huge collection of heavy sidechained fat bass loops, wicked top grooves, vintage synths, analog bass multisamples, groovy drum loops even construction kits… It’s about to lock you in your studio!).

Utku S. has released tracks for labels such as LOT49, BugEyed Records, Big Fish Recordings, Plasmapool, Tapestop Music and more. He also is the head of Tapestop Music and Ventuno Recordings. Check out these selected tracks and make sure to keep your ears open for more by this rising star.

Pulseless – Party Days (Utku S. Remix)
Utku S. – Bass in Your Face
Utku S. – Go Deep Down