GRiZ’s Ride The Wave Tour Left Its Stamp On The Hollywood Palladium

I certainly rode the wave last week when GRiZ stomped down on the Hollywood Palladium. This was possibly the most epic show I’ve seen him perform – and that’s taken from a laundry list of shows over the years.

You know how when an artist comes on stage and kicks off the show with a ton of energy and you know you’re in for a hell of a night? Yeah, that was this.

There were a gang of horns players, a duo of rappers (male and female), Muzzy Bearr on guitar, lasers, and GRiZ on a new crowd-facing DJ rig that stripped him of his normal laptop setup. And of course GRiZ himself blowing the roof off the house with his own sax playing.

GRiZ so perfectly transitioned between songs such that the music – and the dancing – never stopped. Having released a flurry of music this year including his album Ride Waves and his Bangers EPs, there was no shortage of tracks to choose from in his deep catalog.

This was my first time at the Palladium as a new LA resident and it did not disappoint. Overall my impression of the night was “holy shit!” in the best possible way and reconfirmed my belief in the GRIZ man himself. Don’t ask me for a set list – I was too busy dancing to write them all down.

Big shoutout to the Funk Hunters as well who absolutely crushed the opening set.

Bottom line: GO SEE THIS TOUR! And if it’s too late for that, catch his next one. The man ain’t slowing down!