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Dancing is the greatest expression of our contentment with life, in my opinion, and what better way to celebrate life than with dance music?  My love for electronic dance music started with this realization.  When you are in the midst of hundreds to thousands of fellow music lovers dancing and enjoying good music, nothing can separate you from that pounding bass and entrancing melody.  That is when you experience true bliss.  I hope this blog helps people experience a little taste of bliss throughout their day.  Every track on here should put you in a good mood – so forget your worries and enjoy.

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Music is my passion. Always has been, always will be. Since I can remember I have been enjoying the sounds of various genres of music. I have evolved through being a fan of classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz, blues, reggae, hip hop, and now more than ever: electronic dance music. My love for electronic stems from playing the drums since I was 12 years old. Nothing gets to me more like thumping drums and driving bass lines. I can still remember Darude’s “Sandstorm” being played at summer camp dances, and my study abroad experience in Australia led me to keep exploring this type of music (after all, no matter what bar or club you go to in the land of Oz, it’s all electro). Since my first electronic music festival (Electric Zoo NYC, 2010) I’ve never looked back. I am always looking for the newest and most ridiculous in dance, whether it’s House music, Dubstep, Trance, Moombahton or anything in between, if it tickles my ear drums and makes me dance I’m a fan of it. Some may consider me a House junkie – which is true – but I’m also very open-minded about music in general. Feel free to give me a shout at [email protected]. I also cover the San Francisco/Bay Area so if you have a tip on an upcoming show, or you’d like to collaborate – hit me up.

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I have recently relocated to Denver Colorado to further my musical ventures. Whether it is attending shows and festivals at locations such as; Red Rocks, Higher Ground, Webster Hall, Nectars VT, or Electric Zoo I have realized that electronica excites my mind and soul more then any other genre of music I have ever explored. I give credit to Bhanna and Jake for convincing me that Electric Zoo 2010 was an event not to be missed, and there is no doubt about it that was a turning point in my career as an audiophile. Where as most songs and other music genres are often so heavily loaded with lyrics that remind us of our day-to-day troubles, electro cuts through all that for me basically clearing my head and exciting my mind with the constant discovery of new sounds, beats, and drops. Whether its dubstep, glitch, house, or trance, these types of music give me the ability to escape my everyday troubles. I have been on the decks a little myself lately as well – enjoy a couple recent mixes below from SouP!

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If you’re interested in being a contributing writer for MMIBTY, whether that includes writing about the latest in greatest in dance music, covering shows for us, conducting interviews with artists, or anything else you can think of please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’re always looking to expand our team, so explain to us why you want to join the family and how you can start contributing right away!