Photo Credit: Derek Rickert

Read About Rüfüs Du Sol & Bob Moses’ Historic Show at LA’s Historic Park

Los Angeles received quite the treat this past Saturday when juggernauts Rüfüs Du Sol and Bob Moses stomped down on LA State Historic Park just outside Dodger Stadium downtown. Over 20,000 fans amassed to hear two fantastic sets by Rufus and Bob Moses, with a bonus opening set by Lastlings. The show was promoted by Goldenvoice, who are no strangers to throwing large-scale epic events (cough cough, Coachella) with art installations by the always-fantastic Do Lab (cough cough, Lightning in a Bottle).

Bob Moses, downtown Los Angeles

It was my first time seeing full live band performances by both Bob Moses and Rüfüs Du Sol and I was not disappointed. As someone who grew up in several bands himself (yeah, I used to be a drummer), it was refreshing to see a couple electronic acts performing at the top of their games.

Bob Moses kicked things into high gear with their eclectic blend of soulful Deep House vibes but with an added edge of drums, guitars, and synths. To my pleasant surprise mid-set they performed a cover of Prodigy’s “Breathe” which I absolutely lost it for – talk about childhood throwbacks. If I had to find one area of improvement I thought the mix didn’t sound as crisp as it could have been, which is a little disappointing for such a big show with so many people attending.

Rüfüs Du Sol, downtown Los Angeles. Photo credit: Derek Rickert

The main event was certainly Rüfüs and they did not let me down. There was a significant improvement in their overall sound compared to Bob Moses – a louder, more crisp mix coming out of the speakers. They also added a fantastic light show (lasers anyone?) and scrolled through their hits causing fans to sing along and peaking with one of my personal favorites “You Were Right”.

The butterfly art installations by Do Lab were really pretty to see and overall it was a flawless night that went off without any hitches, that I saw at least. I always put complete faith in Golden Voice and Do Lab to throw premier events and I can say with confidence I’ll be catching Rüfüs and Bob Moses next time they come around – and you should too!

How about that light show? Photo credit: Derek Rickert