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We have team members across the country specializing in different aspects of MMIBTY. Please see below to get in touch with the right people!

For General Inquiries, Tips, and to Find Out How You Can Join the Team:
Please email: info [at]

*Please note: we’re always looking for new writers, photographers, and people to help grow the MMIBTY name. If you’re interested in becoming a writer, please have a writing sample ready for us to read. All writers are expected to post at least once a week minimum. If you’re interested in becoming a photographer, please include a link to your portfolio in your email.

To Reach the Boston Reps:
Please email: brian [at] or jon [at]

To Reach the NYC Rep:
Please email: xavier [at]

To Reach the Burlington, Vermont and Montreal Rep:
Please email: storm [at]

To Reach the Chicago Reps:
Please email: jondeitch [at] or ian [at]

To Reach the Denver/Colorado Rep:
Please email: ian [at]

To Reach the Dallas/Texas Rep:
Please email: sara [at]