Moon Boots Hasn’t Given Up On Summer Yet

Aside from having what is probably the coolest Facebook profile picture I’ve ever seen (above), Moon Boots is a very talented producer who continues to impress with his originals and remixes. He makes what can only be referred to as poolside music: perfect disco-infused jams to pair with a cocktail by a body of water and a cloudless sky. His new remix for Alison Valentine was inspired by their meeting at Wanderlust in Paris, where she apparently presented him with flowers, prompting him to remix her track in return. What he put together is an absolutely euphoric track filled with echoing vocals and a simple yet effective beat that elicits involuntary head bopping. He’s (selflessly) asking for a like on Alison’s Facebook page for the free download and, considering she has less than 1000, it’s the least you guys can do for a track of this quality.

BONUS: Fellow “summertime, all the time” advocate Viceroy dropped a new remix for free as well today and, while this one’s got a little more energy than Viceroy’s usual disco, it still brings all the good vibes we’ve come to expect from the San Francisco-native.