PatrickReza With His First Original Track

PatrickReza is a perfect example of someone who has simply made the internet his bitch. Obviously his music is very well done but there’s always a viral component to the way it makes its way around the internet. He has made a serious following in a few short months for his incredible remix work on tons of tracks, both known and unknown, as they’ve made their way around the blogosphere time and time again. He’s always been a seemingly strong believer in free downloads and, if you’re just playing catchup, you should head over to his SoundCloud and get to downloading. His style leans towards melodic dubstep, with slow buildups and deep bass, often accompanied by swooning vocals. His newest track (and first original) doesn’t stray far from the formula and is an impressive debut from such a young producer. I think as he’s able to get his creative legs fully underneath him as he matures, he will be cranking out beautiful originals hand over fist in no time. Until then, enjoy his new work and help him stay in the spotlight by following him on Facebook and Twitter.