Thursday Weather Report

Ok so I am a day late on my WWR. To be honest, I do not have an excuse, I literally thought the entirety of yesterday was Tuesday and it was to my shocking realization at about 11:30 that it was about to be Wednesday. This summer has been crazy and well, sorry for partying yall.

But to make up for it im going to be shuffling out some serious trap, house and bass for you dear readers. This past week I finally finished my last summer school class and I am just waiting to receive that wonderful diploma I partied so hard for. Now with all this free time I have been ripping through soundcloud and the blogosphere devouring everything in sight.

As you all should know as with any genre of music or just music in general not everything is good, and due to the ability for anyone with a computer to produce, I spend long hours in my room with my good old buddy Red Bull and sift through the trash so you dont have to!

So if this is your first time reading my Wednesday Weather Report (I know its thursday give me a break) I basically throw out my favorite recently acquired songs. There is no specific genre focus although some posts do have more of one genre than another but I promise you its because I feel you need to hear it.

Please feel free to comment, add suggestions, or drop me tunes you think should be shared on our blog at [email protected] we love all positive and constructive feedback from all our readers.

Without further blah blah blah from me, here is some music. Enjoy, be safe and cheers!

Ellery – Juke Beast

Dream – This Isn’t House

Jidex vs Daft Punk – Harder Stronger Resistencia (Thomas Gold / Jidex Edit)

David Heartbreak – Cinema of Trap

Leisure – Pon de Trap

Klever – We Don’t Give A Fuck


~Love Storm~