Get “Addicted to the Bass” with PRFFTT + Svyable’s Wideboys Remix

Boston College undergrads, Sam Driver and Sven Benson, widely known as PRFFTT & Svyable, just released their hottest remix yet. This infectious electro duo from Boston, MA has recreated an electro-step masterpiece. I am proud to present Wideboys – “Addicted to the Bass” (Svyable + PRFFTT Remix.)!!

This synth-laced and mellifluous vocal track is packed with seductive energy and dripping with filthy beats. The huge energy of the track builds through the beginning with ethereal synths and sexy vocals and transitions into hardcore elements that climax to it’s epic break down.

I can’t say enough about what an amazing track this is. I was left addicted to the bass and with the repeat button on in full effect.  There are endless possibilities for this dynamic electro duo’s future.

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