Has Wolfgang Gartner Ever Made A Bad Song?

For my money, there are practically NO producers who have consistently churned out as many good productions as Wolfgang Gartner. To make matters better, he has been blowing me away consistently with his live sets for years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him (think upwards of 20) and have never left disappointed. So when he said that this EP was some of the best work he’s ever done in the studio, my balls started tingling to say the least. And with today’s arrival of Love & War, he breathes more life into these two tracks than I could have ever imagined. While having heard Nuke” in a couple of his live sets and absolutely loving it, the title track is equally as impressive, carrying with it that meticulously-produced sound that has characterized records like “Wolfgang’s Fifth”, “Undertaker” and “Illmerica”. No matter what you think of electro-house, you need to pick this EP up immediately. Because nobody does it quite like Wolfgang.

Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War | Purchase On Beatport
Wolfgang Gartner – Nuke | Purchase On Beatport