Holy Crap It’s More Trap! A Mix by Baauer and a Bonus Mix by Crookers

I think it’s safe to say we here at MMIBTY have climbed aboard the Trap train full steam ahead, ever since our first article proclaiming it the sound of Summer 2012. NYC-based producer Baauer, among others, has risen to the top of the game with this style of music (which is essentially Southern Crunk Hip-Hop with a new electronic twist…808s for days!). With HARD Day of the Dead quickly approaching November 3 in Los Angeles (just another reason I wish I lived on the West Coast), the crew at HARD have released two mixtapes to get you excited for the event. The most recent is Baauer’s 20-minute tease that really rubs me the right way, bringing a “blazing mix featuring some of his most popular original tracks and remixes, as well as some of his favorite tracks by his friends”. Click HERE to download (scroll down to the bottom right where it says “download” – you’ll need to enter your email address for the link). Check it out:

Is Trap not your thing? No worries – we’ve got you covered. The first installment of the HARD Day of the Dead mix series was brought to you by Italian duo Crookers. While this mix remains off the beaten path (you won’t hear any mainstream EDM tunes here), it’s a little more focused on a four-on-the-floor beat a la their grimey Techno/House sound. Don’t sleep on the “H3Y I C U PERCUL8-10” bootleg around 13:00. Click HERE to download. TRACKLIST AFTER JUMP!

HARD Day Of The Dead
November 3rd
BUY TICKETS: http://hardfe.st/DoDtix
More Info at: http://www.hardfest.com

Ciao! Here’s a new mix for you guys, full of our newest tracks. Sept 4th our ‘Bowser’ EP drops on Fools Gold Records, and the other tracks are from our new label Ciao Recs. Stay tuned for more on Ciao, and see you all Nov. 3rd in Los Angeles!

Crookers – Intro
Crookers – Trillex (Fools Gold)
Crookers – Vamos! (Ciao Recs)
Crookers – Big booty Bootleg (Ciao Recs)
Crookers – Turn the lights On (featuring STS) (Fools Gold)
Crookers – Untitled1 (Ciao Recs)
Crookers – Bowser (Fools Gold)
Crookers – Untitled2 (Ciao Recs)
Astronomar – H3Y I C U PERCUL8-10 (Ciao Mania Bootlegs)
Wafa – Abandon Me (Crookers Remix) (Atlantic Jaxx)
Crookers – Hummus (Southern Fried/Mad Decent)
Crookers – Untitled3 (Ciao Recs)