Artist Spotlight: Klever

The trap movement has been attracting all sorts of producers to this new wave of music. With so many “bedroom producers” its difficult to sift through all the nonsense to find artists with some credibility. Through my countless hours surfing the tubes of the internet once in a while I find an artist worth mentioning and sharing to the dear readers of

K L E V E R or Josh Winkler is turntable purist that has been drawn to the trap movement and has produced some of my favorite tracks to date. Born in 1977, K L E V E R has been obsessed with music since he was just a little tyke, focusing on rhythm and beat in 1997 K L E V E R began competitively DJing in every competition he could find. Linking up with well known DJ’s like Faust and Craze K L E V E R in 2000 won the national DMC championship title. He was inducted into the notorious “Allies crew” consisting of members such as one of the world legends DJ A-Trak. Traveling the globe with the likes of DJ Craze, the two of them released the infamous “Scratch Nerds” and in 2001 he successfully defended his title as DMC champion. As of recently his productions with Dirty South Breaks and Get Crunk beats have undoubtedly influenced his arrival into the trap movement.

K L E V E R is an artist that has been around the block and proved to the world that he has got what it takes, this new wave of hip-hop fueled bass music that can be heard all across the musical spectrum has been a tremendous outlet for an artist with an incredible amount of experience and know how. Take time and check out a few of these tracks that K L E V E R has sent us, after learning a little bit about the man behind the music its uplifting to see an artist getting credit where credit is due. Check out his Facebook and Soundcloud links below and show some love from MMIBTY.
As always be safe, have fun, run the fucking trap. Cheers.

Check out “Scratch Nerds”