[Preview] Fred Falke and The Hundreds Take Over The Summit

The Hundred don’t do one off events unless they truly believe in them. They’ve done a couple this year and the turn out has been phenomenal. Just a small testament to how much the music scene in Denver is thriving right now. They’d like to think that they are contributing to that when they throw these special events. The word “special” for this event doesn’t quite do it justice. Everyone is overwhelmingly excited to present the legend himself – Fred Falke for a LIVE set September 8th 2012. France is a leader in feeding the world with top class house producers and DJs. Amongst all the top names France has to offer, Fred Falke’s is of the highest regard. Credited for the creation of French Filter Disco House, this legend has NEVER been to Denver before. I couldn’t be more excited to announce his show this weekend at the Summit Music Hall here in Denver! Support comes from some of the best in Denver including option4, Jinro, Collin McKenna, Matt Ferry, and last but definitely not least, Vanish.


Fred Falke & The Knocks – Geronimo

option4 – Ride On

Vanish – Night Rain

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