Singularity Releases Breathe EP With Something For Everyone

Have you ever been to a classy restaurant where after you’re finished ordering, they roll out this tray with like 5 or 6 different desserts to choose from? So you sit there, gawking over them, making decisions like “do I want something fruity or chocolatey” or “can I get ice cream with that”? I feel like that’s what Singularity has provided us with in his new EP, except in his restaurant, everything on the dessert menu is free. This 20 year-old from LA has put together four tracks, each with impossibly eloquent production yet bearing individual styles.  Every record carries enough similarities to be identifiable as coming from the same producer but also shows off his uncompromising adaptability as he moves effortlessly between genres. None of the songs (except for maybe the first, at times) are really “bangers” – his style definitely leans towards the more melodic and downtempo –  but they all come heavy laden with emotion. I strongly suggest you pick up the full EP; it’s about as strong an effort from a 20 year-old producer as you could expect (and it’s free, duh).

Singularity – Breathe ft Steffi Nguyen
Singularity – Pulse
Singularity – Crave
Singularity – Fracture

ZIP of all 4 tracks

Seriously, this kid has mad skills. Check out his SoundCloud for more examples of how he excels in every subsect of electronic music and grab some more free music while you’re there.