Dada Life Releases “The Rules of Dada” LP

Today, Dada Life released their latest studio album “Rules of Dada” and let me tell you, it couldn’t be any more “Dada Life”. Every track on this album is exactly what fans have come to expect from the duo, they all have that unique sound that has made Dada Life one of the most popular acts in the EDM world. The album is already stacked with huge hits like “Kick Out The Epic Motherfu**er,” “Happy Violence,” “Rolling Stone T-Shirt,” and their newest single, “Feed the Dada.” Yet, it manages to keep the high energy going with more classic Dada sounds, including future hits such as “Bass Don’t Cry” and “You Will Do What We Do.” This album is very complete with a steady sound, they definitely spent a lot of time crafting this album to be something special and in my opinion they succeeded. Unlike a lot of EDM albums and EPs, this is a album you can play through without skipping a track.

Here are my two favorite tracks from the album

Dada Life – “Bass Dont Cry”

Dada Life – “Feed the Dada”

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