Datsik in Burlington Vermont

2 years ago, Datsik (Troy Beetles) came to Burlington Vermont and played at Club Metronome with a capacity of about 220. The show was completely sold out, I was there, and it was absolutely insane. I did not know much about the artist at the time a side from a few of his hits but my friends and I were completely blown away with Datsiks ability to consistently impress and motivate the crowd with little to no lulls in energy. That being said, not much has changed, well except his ability to sell out a venue almost 3x the size.

A few weeks ago Datsik rolled into town again and made quite a ruckus. Selling out one of the most popular venues in the state, the show was complete madness. Walking into the the main entrance, AFK was on stage and already the crowd was pouring sweat, dancing, jumping and absolutely going wild. The following succession of artists were some of the strongest supporting acts I have seen in a single show. Delta Heavy, having just flown in from across the pond was suffering from a personal ailment and although he was debating going to the hospital he muscled through his uncomfortable situation and was just as impressive as Datsik himself. The energy and the heat from the crowd was incredibly intense, if I had not been able to access the back stage I know for certain I would of probably passed out from heat exhaustion.

I was lucky enough to receive permission to sit down with the man himself Datsik and ask him a few questions. I must say for a man of his status he was incredibly generous, and his whole team on the firepower tour were very helpful and easy to work with, by far one of the most pleasant interviews I have had to date. So take a look at the youtube video below to watch the interview and check out Datsik’s social media outlets and show him some love!

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