Haunted House Tour Review @ Pier 94, NYC

Going into the show I was excited to see one of my favorite groups, Knife Party, especially at Pier 94. I was hoping that it was going to be extra special since they were headlining this Haunted House tour with other big acts such as Tommy Trash and Kill the Noise.

It wasn’t. The set they put on was practically, if not exactly, the same set they had done for Electric Zoo 2012. Anyone can find the live set from that show, play it, and you wouldn’t have missed a thing. “Internet Friends,” the song that pushed these producers/Djs to the forefront of the EDM world should have been their crowning moment during this live show, but they played the exact same VIP remix/mash-up of “Internet Friends” and “Bass” by Paul Anthony, the Atom Pushers, and Afro-K that they played at Electric Zoo.

Having said all of that, they were still on point. They were full of energy, the crowd was having a great time, and the production value of the show was on point as well. As much as I was expecting something different from my previous experience with Knife Party, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Style of Eye, the Swedish producer/Dj, was someone that I really didn’t know anything about, but surprisingly had a huge set featuring a lot of deep house and then venturing into some heavier electro. Pier 94 was packed by 10:30, and he managed to keep the crowd’s energy on high, giving Kill the Noise a lot of momentum going into his set.

Kill the Noise was probably my favorite part of the Haunted House tour. I had not previously seen him live, and did not know what to expect from the California based Dubstep producer/ DJ. He did what my favorite Djs do, he actually Djed, and let me explain. At no point during Knife Party’s set was I surprised by any of the songs that I heard, it was like they were just going through the motions and I can say that about a lot of Djs that I’ve seen including Benny Benassi and Avicii. Kill the Noise played for the crowd. There were certain moments where you caught a glimpse of what was about to drop and you thought to yourself,  “Oh shit, this is about to get wild.” He gave everyone in the audience what they wanted, regardless of their preference in music. Of course, a lot of his set was Dubstep but he incorporated other genres as well. I’m actually looking forwards to getting an opportunity to see him live again; it’s rare to see a supporting act outshine the headliner.

Below, are some videos of a few of my favorite moments from the show, check them out to get some of the experience.