Kiez Beats Presents Nu Disco Club Sounds Vol. 1

Nothing mellows out the pounding bass of all the house, electro and dubstep we listen to quite like some gorgeous nu-disco. Looking at the title of this incredible compilation, it might be hard for some people to fathom that, in many countries, this music would absolutely be found in clubs and, yes, people go out and party to nu-disco. I’ve done it here in the U.S., although appeal is generally limited. Fuck it, if all you need is loud noises and can’t appreciate the softer, groovier shit, just means more room for me to dance. Kiez Beats out of Germany put together this amazing compilation of tracks from bigger names like Oliver, Lenno, Russ Chimes, Louis La Roche and Goldroom while including plenty records from very talented yet more underground producers. It’s an eclectic selection, featuring some songs you may have heard before, and a lot you haven’t, and is probably the best case to buying something on iTunes I’ve heard in a while. If you’re not into that, just push play on the Soundcloud player and let this set wisk you away to a different and more enlightened state of mind for the next hour or so. Highlights for me: the elusive producer Danger‘s “88:88” (which is hardly nu-disco, but so much fun), DRKNSS‘ remix of “Electric Sex” and GRVRBBRS‘ Daft Punk-esque “Close To You”.

Cheers to Remix86 on the tip.