La Roux – In For The Kill (DJ Slink’s Gets Trappy Remix) + gLAdiator EP Selections

I’m not even going to get into how much it frustrates me how two DJ’s, not to mention both trap DJ’s, are going by DJ Slink and DJ Sliink respectively. I mean, what kind of level 99 trolling move is that? What makes it even better is DJ Slink said the other day said on his Facebook, “I don’t want anybody to confuse my music with the other Slinks, so he can have the DJ. I will now be called SLINK.” Stubborn mofo’s are all married to that slink steez. Whatever, they’re both quite good at what they do, so if they want to run the game by confusing everyone, so be it. This tune came out almost a month ago but I glossed it over and that was a mistake, because it is a beautifully updated take on the definitive remix of this tune – Skream‘s “Let’s Get Ravey Remix” from 2009. DJ Slink or SLINK or whatever has really made use of the trap elements in the way that they can enrich an airy track, such as La Roux’s original, and not in the way that makes it sound all ‘ghetto’.

La Roux – In For The Kill (DJ Slink Gets Trappy Remix)

In other trap news, gLAdiator‘s new EP Showtime dropped today, hosted by DJ Trapaholics (aka “damn son, where’d you find this?”). I didn’t think the entire EP was anything special but I did find two of the tracks struck a chord with me and were worth mentioning here. You can pick up all 5 tracks on Clubtapes.

gLAdiator – Jello

gLAdiator x CRNKN – Up & Down