New Remixes From Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel, Sound Remedy and… Mitt Romney?

For those of you who joined us at Dirty South at Roseland Ballroom in NYC last night, I must say that while my ears are still ringing, I can not get over what an amazing show that was. Klosman killed it, Fustang did the damn thing and Dirty South, well, let’s just say it was beyond epic. Photos coming tomorrow or the next day. The first remix I have today is from Clark Kent, who collaborated with Oscar Daniel to put together this incredible remix of Adele‘s “Skyfall” theme song. I thought the original was good for the purpose it intended to serve but nothing special, until I heard this charged bass-laden remix. Clark Kent proves time and time again that he really can remix the fuck out of tracks. It’s going to be hard to sit through the intro to Skyfall knowing that this remix exists and still having to listen to the original.

Adele – Skyfall (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix)

Another one of the best remixers in the game, Sound Remedy dropped his latest remix, for free again of course. This time he takes bouncy synths and a organic step beat to pump up this indie-pop tune from Carousel. It’s top-notch remixing work as usual, diplaying just how varied SR’s production is and how hard it is to pin down any of his work in one specific genre.

Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

Finally, don’t write this one off as a total joke because it’s actually a pretty good ‘political trap’ song, if you will. Scott Melker, or The Melker Project out of NYC, chops up Romney’s infamous word diarrhea from last week’s debate along with a few other quotes from both candidates to make for a very interesting song. With a few samples from “Gangnam Style” in there, this mix is a pop-culture masterpiece and is sure to have people laughing and dancing at the same time if it were to come on at the club.

The Melker Project – Binders Full Of Women (Mitt Romney Remix)