Review: Avicii at Radio City Music Hall

So I was lucky enough to get a few tickets to Avicii’s sold-out show at Radio City Music Hall, and here is my little review on it……. It was actually really good. I have gotten a chance to see Avicii a few time in the past, and was not impressed at all from the 3 shows that I have been too. The 3 shows were during festivals, but I feel that most DJs try to put together a better show for festivals especially at some of the bigger festivals like Ultra in Miami.

This happened to be the first time that an EDM act has played at Radio City, much like the way that Swedish House Mafia was the first EDM act to play at the Garden. It was special though, definitely one of those shows I wont forget strictly because of the venue. It was packed. It was crazy to see all 3 balcony levels and orchestra levels filled with the standard EDM party goers, glow sticks, tank tops, and bandanas, the whole shebang. The stage and the light show was also really dope. the stage was all decked out with LED lighting that was affected by the music, much like Skrillex’s “cell” stage, but no where near as crazy. The lights really added an extra effect, making Radio City Music Hall really light up.

The set, itself, was also something different from Avicii. There were a lot of remixes that he did to certain songs of his, as well as playing a lot of music from other DJs, like “Atom” and “Dont You Worry Child.” The last few times I’ve seen him live, he really didn’t stray away from his own discography. The biggest surprise for me was that he did not end his set with “Levels.” Actually, he didnt even play a lot of it, and this comes as a surprise to me because especially in a city like New York, where the song is so “main stream,” one would think that he would really go in with “Levels, ” much like he did at Ultra (playing it for about 7 mins).

Lastly, here is a video, of my favorite moment of the night, a little mashup he did for his single “Feeling for You.”