RL Grime – † HALLOWEEN MIX 2012 †

Hours  ago RL Grime released his highly anticipated Halloween Mix. The most surprising thing about this mix is the actual vocal sample from RL Stine, the author of the very popular teen novels focusing around creepy and unexplainable mishaps and adventures.

The mix is just as I expected, full of never before heard trap songs mixed in with  hip-hop songs from the early 2000s, you know the ones, buried deep in your hard drive that occasionally come on your shuffle and make you go “oooh shiittt”. Having personally opened for RL Grime and his alias Clockwork three times in the past 9 months I have had the pleasure of seeing his style evolve as his club DJ style has some what fused with his hip-hop influenced side project to create the up and coming star he is now known to be.

This mix is a staple of the aforementioned fusion as it carries a club energy mixed with that deep dark hip-hop of RL Grime and keeps the listener engaged throughout with clever transitions, attention grabbing samples, song selection and spooky vocals to suit its Oct 31st release.

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Tracklist after the jump!

RL Grime – Halloween Mix 2012


1. Elm Street Intro Ft. RL Stine
2. Nitemare- DJ Funeral
3. R U Ready- TNGHT
4. Many Men (Wish Death)- 50 Cent
5. Pockets- RL Grime
6. What Happened- Thugli
7. Won’t You (Be There) (Baauer Remix)- Nero
8. CLIQCLIQ- ??????
9. Backseat Freestyle- Kendrick Lamar
10. Shawty- Teeth
11. First 48 Interlude
12. Flood- RL Grime
13. Low MF Key- Amber London
14. Drippin- Kid Ink
16. R.I.P. Tribute- DJ Funeral
17. Destroya- Paleman
18. Rainbow Colors Ft. Lil’ Flip- Three 6 Mafia