ZEDD featuring Bright Lights – Follow You Down (Keys N Krates Remix) + Blackout EP

Hours ago Lord Zedd, or as most people refer to him as just Zedd has had one of his newer tracks remixed by the the geniuses Keys N Krates and it is to be honest is simply beautiful.

“Follow You Down” was released along with Zedd’s recent chart topper “Spectrum” on his EP Clarity from Interscope records. With the mass amount of remixes to “Spectrum” it is refreshing to see a talented production team tackling a different song. The tag that was put on the Soundcloud where I found the song was titled “Dream Trap” which I feel is incredibly appropriate for this airy tune. For all of you out there that are under the false impression that trap music is only old southern hip hop samples thrown in on some 140bpm mix of snares and high hats you are wrong, if done correctly trap style can be complex and soothing.

Below check out some social media outlets for Keys N Krates and their remix of  “Follow You Down”

Zedd – Follow You Down (Keys N Krates Remix)

Keys N Krates | Keys N Krates soundcloud | Keys N Krates Facebook |

Checkout their EP Blackout, normally I would add an entire page for this album but it released in November of 2011 yet it is completely full what is the most popular style among the masses, please do yourself a favor and grab this EP, it is stunning