Major Lazer Takes Over The Universe!!

Major Lazer, which is now Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire, have begun touring across the US as they hype up the EDM community about their upcoming album “Major Lazer Frees The Universe” (due approximately mid-February). They are wrapping up their US dates this week and are then going international for the tour. I was fortunate enough to attend the Boston date, and it was by far one of the craziest shows I’ve attended this year. The Boston date included support from PicturePlane and Brenmar, which offered very unique styles and gave the crowd a burst of energy which let loose as Major Lazer took the stage later in the night. Brenmar opened up with a variety of funky house tracks blended in with popular pop and rap tracks that got everyone singing along and shuffling about. PicturePlane wasn’t as effective in rallying up the crowd, but he did get a few people moving about as he sang over his own bass heavy instrumentals that seemed to surprise alot of people.


Then Diplo and the gang took the stage. Instantly the crowd erupted. Waves of colored lights and confetti showered the packed House of Blues as Diplo took to the decks and the other two joined the stage with two dancers. For the next two hours, the party was just on a completely different level of insanity. They tossed out blowhorns into the crowd, Diplo rolled around the crowd inside an inflatable bubble, girls from the crowd came on stage to go and ‘express themselves’…and thats aside from the stage diving and usual antics. From someone that has gone to see Steve Aoki more times than he can count, the guys blew the asian’s stage presence out of the water. As for the music, they went through all the hits. From ‘Pon De Floor’ to their latest ‘Jah No Partial’, along with plenty of other dutch and electro house tunes that fit into the Major Lazer theme perfectly (Calvin Harris’ ‘Awooga’, for example). Far as I could tell, they also dropped plenty of tracks from their upcoming album.


Their last date is this Saturday in LA, so make sure to hit that up if you’re in the area.

Go ahead and check out their music and stay updated for more info regarding ‘Major Lazer Frees The Universe’

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