Rihanna – “Pour It Up” (R.L. Grime Remix)

R.L. Grime just released this remix of “Pour It Up” by Rihanna from her new album Unapologetic. He spent most of his night putting this together for his fans, and gave it to them as a freebie, which is very generous of him considering how EDM artists nowadays reframe from doing so. R.L. says this is one of his favorite tracks from Rihanna’s new album, thus doing the remix, what do you think about it? It’s pretty good, but feels mildly rushed, the snare rolls are also a little too much at times but it’s still definitely worth listening to and a good download for the week.

Rihanna – “Pour It Up (RL Grime Remix)”

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BONUS: My favorite song from Unapologetic that I’ve heard, so far, is “Jump.” It’s a very electro and dubstep oriented song, and I was honestly surprised that an EDM producer had no part in producing it because it is very Skrillex-y. I’m waiting for someone to make a remix for this one, because if done right, it could be huge.

Rihanna – “Jump”