Shhh! We Have A Copy Of Feed Me & Crystal Fighter’s Amazing Collaboration (+ Remix EP)

Ever since this song previewed a while back on BBC and was released in the UK a few weeks back, I have been dying to get my hands on this song and the remix EP. It is beyond me why they would make this song available to Europe without considering all the fans here who have been fiending for it for months now. This is one of those songs that, for me at least, I instantly thought ‘top 10 tracks of the year’ when I first heard it. For all the time we’ve spent talking about how talented and multifaceted John Gooch is, this is the true culmination of exactly what we mean. Crystal Fighters, also from the UK, and provide the vocals and indie feel to the song, accompanied after about 40 seconds by Feed Me‘s low-end. Grab the remix EP in a zip below, featuring the original, a heavier remix from Feed Me himself, a DnB take from Friction, and deep house and break versions from Larse and Alex Light, respectively. Also peep the video and, if you haven’t heard or need a refresher, Feed Me’s essential mix from earlier this year.

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got EP ZIP