Wednesday Weather Report 11/7/2012

Hey dear readers, the weather today…absolutely freezing out. There is one thing that after my 4 years of living here in Vermont that I still can’t get used to; the fact that it goes from fall to fridget arctic tundra winter in 12 hours. Well now that you know we are all picking the icecles off our noses and scrounging up the loose change under the couch to get a season pass, I think it would be best to share some music.

I know that last week was a bust and I never managed to make a post, things happen and if you have survived the past seven days without a WWR you are one of the lucky ones, if this is your first time joining us the Wednesday Weather Report (WWR) is a spontaneous music dump where I find music that I really enjoyed over the past seven days and share it with all of you, text is usually short and to the point, so without any more adue enjoy the tunes, cheers!


∆lex Young – Relapse (Akeda Remix)

I have posted ∆lex Young before, I really dig his style and this Akeda remix is a very suitable edit to the original track, you can check out the original in this Wednesday Weather Report

Neoteric & Wax Motif – Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix [killagraham D’nB’ Edit])

This remix of Wax Motif and Neoteric’s Go Deep by Torro Torro is a killer tune, this summer there was almost no DJ set that did not incorporate some rendition of this tune. This new Killagraham edit is fantastic, the first break down is a nice D’n’B  addition but the second break down is some what surprising, and I know you all will feel the same, check it out and see for yourself!

Big Gigantic – Colorado Mountain High

If you have been paying attention to anything but the inside of your eyelids, you should know that #1 we still have the same president, #2 Colorado legalized marijuana for individuals above the age of 21 which is pretty cool. So rocky mountain natives Big Gigantic   cranked out this awesome song in celebration of a big step forward.

A-Trak & Zinc – Like The Dance FLoor (Lazloh Remix)

These “Like The Dance Floor” remixes just keep on coming, I think I have featured almost three in the past month but they are all very good and here is another one by lesser known producer Lazloh

Sub Focus – Tidal Waves (Flosstradamus)

Two EDM giants have  intertwined to create a very  groovy track, it is not as heavy as most of Flosstradamus‘s tracks as of recently and really carries  a very relaxing feel to it which is incredibly refreshing to say the least, the vocals are beautiful and the lyrics are really catchy, check it out.

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