A Match Made In Musical Heaven


Sometimes things just work. You can’t explain why or how, they just do. When things start clicking, no effort needed, you know that you have something special. I think this maybe the case when it comes to Mr. Felix Cartal and the wonderful Miss. Natalie Angiuli. Having already released the club banger that truly lives up to its’ name, No Sleep, they are back at it collaborating to create something a little more soothing towards the soul. Consider it the B-side to their first project as Lullaby offers up some deeply penetrating vocals from Natalie while Felix downplays his electro side to show a more artsy taste in electronica.  Both tracks have their appeal because you can really feel the connection that they have when making the music. Enjoy both tracks as they are polar opposites, yet equally beautiful.

Felix Cartal – Lullaby (feat. Natalie Angiuli)

Felix Cartal – No Sleep (feat. Natalie Angiuli)