Another Magical Mixtape Plus More…

I really try and not post every Magic Tape, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. The track selection along with his mixing skills makes for such an enjoyable listen every time. It may also have to do with the fact that I usually know less than have of the stuff he is playing, and most likely will never know. There is something alluring about his elusiveness that makes me keep coming back for more. I hope he remains shrouded in mystery, appearing only for an act here and there, making his legend and performances even more memorable. Forget that Potter kid, Gandalf or Merlin, and get ready for a new chapter in the world of wonder and bewitchment. Get ready for The Magician.

As an added bonus I have included yet another rarity in the disco dancehall genre with a new mixtape from the Miami Horror DJ’s. The first mixtape in their series titled, Lemonade was released over four months ago, so when Pink Grapefruit dropped earlier this week you can image my excitement. Check it out and if you like what you hear continue reading for the complete tracklisting.

Miami Horror DJ’s: Pink Grapefruit

Sam Sparrow – Shades of Grey (Plastic Plates Remix)
Ben Clarke – Everybody (Original Mix)
Marius – Discomagnifique (Pete Herbet version)
Drop Out Orchestra – Day Vague (Ron Basejam)
Kim Ann Foxman -Return it (Populette remix)

Classixx -Stranger Love (RAC remix)
Drop Out Orchestra – Your Girl
Moulinex – Let Your Feet Do the Work.
Cassian – On and On

Good Night Keaton – Next to Mexico ft Mereki
Mitzi – Who Will Love You Now.
Marcus Marr – The Music
Yazoo – Don’t go (Kolombo edit)
Seasfire – How Do You Sleep Tonight(Mighty Mouse Remix)