Big Gigantic & Griz – Power

Ever since GriZ‘s album Mad Liberation came out earlier this year, it has remained in my CD changer in my car. I can’t stop listening to it. To think that he gave it away for free is bordering on insanity when you listen to the amount of time and hard work that went into making it. One of the standout out tracks off that project was “Mr. B”, a collaboration with Big Gigantic‘s saxophonist Dominic Lalli. The two clearly work well together and it doesn’t surprise me that their days of collaborating weren’t finished. On “Power”, the track takes a harder turn than “Mr. B” but still gets a little taste of everyone involved, with GriZ’s glitch and sample-filled beats, Dom’s sweet saxophone and the collaborative drums of both Big G and GriZ. This one’s free as well, so don’t sleep on it.