Dropkick Murphy’s – I’m Shipping Up to Boston (Whiiite Remix)


Yup, just when you couldn’t think of another song to remix, the anonymous Whiiite delivers a club banging edit of The Departed‘s theme song by The Dropkick Murphy’s. I have been following this producer for quite sometime and have loved everything that he has released. However, he is not one to offer up much for free, and since I love his work so much, I have withheld from ripping or sharing his collection with our fans for free (we prefer to offer free content on this blog). Whiiite has recently released his debut EP, Whiiite Begins as well as a remix EP of Begins with artists like Calvertron , ETC! ETC!, Protohype, and Vamdalism offering up their best reworkings. Even with all of his recent success we still know very little about him and he only plays occasionally when decides to enter the LA nightlife to destroy clubs like Avalon. Follow this guy for some more eargasms and hopefully one day he will bless us with a national tour.