Prepare For The Apocalypse, Bring The BASS!


So tomorrow is the supposed day the world is going to end. Some are doubtful, some are getting themselves prepared. For those who are the latter, we’ve prepared you guys an EDM survival pack. In this post, you’ll pick up some of the heaviest bass music tracks of the month so you can be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings. We’ve got some strong supporters to get us through the chaos, including Funtcase, 12th Planet, and Terravita. There are also plenty of other lesser known producers that are giving us aid for our uncertain future. Get ready for it….

MUST DIE! – Scorpion Dance (Original Mix)

Make sure to check up this rookie producer’s latest EP ‘Sky Child’, out this week!

Funtcase – Ghosts

Make sure to grab the rest of the Shady Bunch EP with all the other Circus Record guys sharing brand new tracks!

Document One, DC Breaks – Take A Ride (Original Mix)

Far Too Loud – Firestorm (Karetus Remix)

What’s a post on the apocalypse without some freak storms?

12th Planet, Flinch – The End Is Near, Pt. 1 (Dirtyphonics Remix)

HUGE remix from the guys of Dirtyphonics. As the end nears, 12th Planet only gets better, and his latest EP ‘The End’ is in my opnion his best work to date. I was fortunate to hear this live, and the track is straight mental. You have been warned!

Cenob1te – Hyperion (Original Mix)

Two Fingers – Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix)


You are now well equipped with your bass music to get your way through the apocalypse. Let us know afterwards once we make it what your favorite tracks were! Before we go, make sure to show these artists some love!

Terravita | MUST DIE! | Funtcase | Document One | DC Breaks | Karetus | Dirtyphonics | Cenob1te | KOAN Sound

Tis the season of giving! Make sure to spread some holiday joy by showing these artists some love. This way, you’ll also be able to know first hand what these producers have in store for the new year!