Traveler’s Create/Negate EP and New Mix

I have to give a shout-out to our friends over at Gotta Dance Dirty for the find on this one. Cali-based Traveler, made up of Zander and Blair, is one of the freshest acts I’ve heard in a while to enter into the glitch/electronica realm. From the first track off the EP, you can hear exactly what you’re in for. A silky smooth sample sits atop a vast array of harmonious electronic sounds mixed with guitar and piano. The second song gets a tad more heavy with growling, deep bass noises. The whole eight track EP likewise bounces between lighter and heavier fare but maintains the steady groove throughout. Best part is, it’s entirely free through their BandCamp. Their exclusive mix for GDD features some of these tunes and some unreleased ones and it is a must listen. These boys need all the love and attention they deserve, so be sure to like and follow them on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Traveler – Untitled Track (Work in Progress)
Traveler – Citizinaire (Original Mix)
Ivy – Lost in the Sun (Traveler Remix) (Work in Progress)
Traveler – Belafonte (Original Mix)
Fink – Pretty Little Thing (Traveler Remix) (Work in Progress)
Rising Smoke of the Hobo Kings – 900 Miles (Traveler Remix)
Traveler – Boom (Original Mix)
Machinedrum feat. Melo-X – Let It (Traveler Remix)
Traveler – Untitled Track (Work in Progress)
Traveler – Master Mimes (Original Mix)
Traveler – Phantom (Original Mix)
Traveler – Untitled Track (Work in Progress)
Traveler – Arcadia (EP Edit)
Traveler – Rhythm & Bass
Calvin Harris – Flashback (Traveler Dub Remix)
Traveler – Untitled Track (Work in Progress)