Two Fresh Bootlegs To Get You Through Hump Day

While rap is not dead, it has certainly taken a back seat to dance music as of late. This was only enhanced by the ever increasing popularity of Trap. It is not at all uncommon for trap versions of popular rap songs to become blockbusters. But as trap continues to grow as a (sub) genre, many tracks are starting to sound similar. Spaveech‘s remix to Alvaro‘s “Make the Crowd Go” featuring 2 Chainz is a unique trap experience. First, it is a full length song rather than the 90 to 120 second snippits that are synonymous with trap releases. The beat is not repetitive and several unique samples from both rap and dance styles are incorporated. You may be asking me later “damn son, where’d you find this” but you won’t hear that sample here (see: Baauer). Spaveech keeps the track bouncing throughout, making it very hard to keep your head from bobbing at the very least. Spaveech may be carving himself a piece of the elite trap pie if he can keep up releases like this.

Whether you are an obsessed groupie or casual dance music fan, you tend to hear songs that Swedish House Mafia release (just a guess). “Dont You Worry Child” was their huge release of 2012. The single was premiered this year during Miami Music Week at Masquerade Motel, Swedish House Mafia’s own party just a few blocks away from Bayfront Park, the site of Ultra Music Festival. Ever since, the song has been mashed, remixed and danced to for countless hours around the globe. No alteration of the song really stole the thunder away from the super group’s original version but Dave Silcox may be getting some attention soon courtesy of his bootleg remix. The beginning of the song sounds just like the original. However when the beat drops after the first chorus, Silcox takes the track to a whole new level. Silcox is able to take this house anthem and turn it into an uptempo electronic field day. Both choruses remain in the song untouched, but what sets this bootleg apart are the drops. More specifically, the second drop actually begins as the original does, but then after a couple seconds you hear a record scratch spin-back effect then it goes right into Silcox’s chainsaw madness. This may seem insignificant but it is something very unique for remixes and sounds incredible. So if you like the original but could use some more speed and a heavier beat, this bootleg is for you. Special thanks to Brian (bhanna) for the heads up on this track (who told Jon aka gballz about it).