Weekly Weather Report 12/8/2012

Hello everyone, and welcome to another addition of the Weekly Weather Report. Today the weather outside is quite glum. It is overcast, cold and moist; not yet cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground but just cold enough to make you slightly miserable. But winter is sure to be in full effect soon and I cannot wait to wake up and be able to snowboard all day.

Anyway today I have a nice mix of tunes I have been carrying around for quite some time. The bar where I hold a DJ residency is very geared towards top 40 college kid rage music so I do not often get to play out some of the dance tracks that I hold dear, but this past sunday I was invited to a smaller music venue and was really allowed to express some creativity in my set and to my surprise and delight everyone enjoyed my selection very much. Below I will be sharing some of the tracks off that playlist, some of them are old relative to how fast EDM music changes and is produced, but they are all of high quality and very excellent. I will begin with my favorite remix of Format B’s “Atomizer”.

Format B have been one of my favorite producers of dance music since my introduction into the scene. Their style is pretty classic house music and I have always enjoyed all of their original productions very much. Atomizer was one of my favorite tunes off the album “Restless” and I wanted to share a very nice remix by legend Sebastian Leger.

Format: B – Atomizer (Sebastian Leger Remix)

Next is a record called “Alright” by the man known as Mark Knight. I discovered this tune off the Toolroom Knights Brasil compilation (which I highly suggest picking up) and it a very up beat track that is suiting to a wide range of music environments.

Mark Knight – Alright

Going to swing into a little bit of a heavier style with Flammenwerfer‘s track called “Amino”. Laden with rugged bass kicks and a heavy techno undertone this song really can kick it up a notch as it has a few pretty dramatic builds, check out his tune “Fiber” as well.

Flammenwerver – Amino

Getting funky we have Kimbra‘s “Settle Down” remixed by “DiJiTAL”. The  “Settle Down” sample is pretty widely used, so you may recognize it right away, but this remix puts a really fantastic touch on the original.

Kimbra – Settle Down (DiJiTAL Remix)

Last but not least is called “NO MOONS” by GANG$IGN$. Sampling an old very deep vocal relating heavily to the track title. This song makes good use of 1/32 high hats and 808 claps, while not making you feel like you are rachet strapped and running from the cops.


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