Feed Me’s Death By Robot EP


You may have missed it but yesterday Jon Gooch, better known by his fans as Feed Me , dropped a three-song EP called Death By Robot on Mau5trap Records. I get excited anytime Feed Me releases new music because he is one of my favorite Electro-House artists out there. He is extremely talented in his production skills and his sound is incredibly unique. Oh yeah, and all the artwork you’ve ever seen associated with Feed Me was done by him with no shortage of intricate detail.

Death By Robot may be a relatively short effort, but what the EP lacks in length it makes up for in size. That is, the tracks are BIG.  Two of the songs, “Death By Robot” and “Dialup Days”, clock in under four minutes and even though they are short they are fully developed. “Gravel” is probably the biggest banger of the EP, clocking in at 5:30. Around the two minute mark we’re treated to a hard-hitting Feed Me-esque Electro drop that just feels so right. A minute later the feel of the song changes to an off-beat Trap/Dubstep style pattern, eventually returning to its Electro-House foundation. I love the use of talk box in “Death By Robot” and “Dialup Days” is probably the funkiest tune of the three, with a fun bounce to it and typical “Feed Me sounds”. It may not be a crazy Electro song, but not all of them have to be, right?

Feed Me is on tour with the awesome Mord Fustang this winter so make sure to get to one of his shows. He comes to Boston for two nights at Royale: February 4th and 5th.

Go pick up the EP at Beatport!

Feed Me – Death By Robot
Feed Me – Gravel
Feed Me – Dialup Days