Funkagenda vs. Buena Vista Social Club – Candela


For some of our younger readers (or perhaps even some of our older ones), Buena Vista Social Club might not be something you’re familiar with. The name of the now famous LP referred to a music club in Havana, Cuba that was popular in the forties as a spot for musicians to come and play their certain flavor of Latin music together. In the 1990’s, an American musician, inspired by the story of the club and its history worked with several Cuban musicians to compile the fourteen track album (recorded in just 6 days) which has since been made into a documentary and has remained a classic cultural masterpiece of music over the past 20 years. Another person inspired by the BVSC is UK DJ and producer Funkagenda, who just released his house remix of “Candela”, emphasizing that he is giving it away for free “as long as you promise to check out these fantastic Cuban musicians.” After listening to this downtempo and groovy Latin house remix, I don’t doubt you’ll be more interested in finding out more about BVSC.