Macklemore x Ryan Lewis REMIXED


By now, I hope all of you have heard the boppy anthem and/or seen the epic music video for Macklemore x Ryan Lewis’ song “Thrift Shop” off the duo’s debut album The Heist, released in the fall of last year. The song truly is an anthem right from its childish sampled beat laden with horns right down to the lyrics, which are amazing considering the subject matter. It was only a matter of time before the Billboard Top 10 breakout single was going to get the  remix treatment from a couple producers. I’ve gone through quite a few and compiled some of my favorites. First remix I have for you is a heavy one from a “cold ass honkey” named DJ Hellfire. Dubbed a “mash”, this is far more of a hard electro remix, perfect for the dance floor. Play this loud.

Next up is a dubstep remix from another unknown producer that goes by Ari Leff. This guy gets right into the dubstep build from the start and gives the whole thing a very epic feel. The drop is fun and bleepy and, like the last remix, makes good use of the best line in the song.

Finally, another electro take from Mikael Wills. This one’s definitely more of a bootleg than a remix, but when it hits, it hits hard. Another easy dance floor destroyer. For any of you DJ’s out there, trust me when I say any of these remixes will beef up your set, hands down.