NEW MUSIC: GTA – the Ai Novinha EP


GTA, Van Toth and JWLS, the Electro House Moombahton/ Dubstep infused group released their new EP, Ai Novinha, yesterday. It has been a little while since we have heard new music from the duo and the EP does not disappoint. The two main songs on the EP, Bath Salt and Ai Novinha, are both certified bangers. It is hard to describe what these songs sound like, they are the epitome of a genre smoothie. There is not one genre that you can really classify these songs into, they are a blend of what sounds like Electro House, Jungle House, Dutch House, Moombahton and Dubstep (and probably some other genres too.) But the final product of this clusterfuck of sounds ends up being something pretty unique and something that would get any dance floor rocking. Check out the two tracks below and be sure to go to Beatport for the full EP.

GTA – Ai Novinha

GTA – Bath Salts

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BONUS: Here is GTA’s remix of Bless Di Nation by Congorock feat. Sean Paul, also recently released.

Congorock feat. Sean Paul – Bless Di Nation (GTA Remix)