Tommy Lee & DJ Aero “#MSND”


So I might be about a month behind on this track, but in all honestly, it’s better late than never. I first heard #MSND (Move Shake Now Drop) a day ago on Fedde le Grand‘s Dark Light Sessions, he chose it as his first track in this weeks’ podcast. I was working out when it came on (Dark Light is a staple for any productive gym day) and when it finished I found myself covered in sweat with plenty of people staring on. I think I may have blacked out or something, so I gobbled up some water and back tracked to the beginning to hear it for a second time. I have since played this track over twenty times getting more hyped every time. The energy and beat is so addicting, I can’t get enough. Sorry if I’m late to the party, I hope it’s still going on.

Tommy Lee & DJ Aero – #MSND (Original Mix)