Bring The Rain ft. Lexi Forche (Brown & Gammon Remix)


Candyland are celebrating another huge milestone finally climbing over the 30,000 Like mark on Facebook. They are giving their fans the gift of free music, offering up Brown & Gammon‘s official remix of Bring the Rain. The reworking is absolutely phenomenal, I’ve listened to it ten times in a row, no joke. Brown & Gammon effortlessly make this a much mellower track with hints of dubstep, but let the lovely vocals of Lexi Forche dominate the track. It’s a fun, upbeat track that I guarantee will get you in a good mood. Candyland is preparing to start a massive Bring the Rain Tour in support of the EP, you can find the dates after the jump. Enjoy the free download and the day off as we salute a few dead presidents.

bring the rain