Milo & Otis’ Memebahton Series


Milo and Otis, better known as Killagraham and NYMZ, have been killing the Electro/Moombahton game for a little while now, with huge songs such as “Siren (Just One).” This past month, they have been doing weekly free releases for there Memebahton Series. Their first release was “Bitch Please (Virgin Ya)” a song inspired by the Yao Ming Meme. The song has a very classic Moombahton sound but with a lot of Bollywood influences that are very clear in the song. their latest release “(Feel) Like a Sir” is another meme inspired Moombahton banger with more Indian / Bollywood influences, similar to their first release. Listen to the first two tunes below and make sure you look out for their newest release “Me Gusta” on Sunday.

Milo & Otis – (Feel) Like a Sir

Milo & Otis – Bitch Please (Virgin Ya)

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