New Mixtapes from araabMUZIK and MiM0SA


It’s not everyday we get a heap of free music from one of the undeniable kings of the MPC and the purveyor of Future Trill, both of whom have been doing it long before trap music was the phenomenon it is today. araabMUZIK, long known for his work producing in the hip-hop realm has, like many others, taken his beat making skills to the electronic scene, creating unique works through use of analog drum machines and samplers. His new mixtape For Professional Use Only continues to show his development as an artist and a musician featuring a mix of hip-hop driven instrumentals not necessarily designed with the dance floor in mind (although you wouldn’t want to miss seeing him live) but that certainly make your head bop. Must Listen: “This Is For The Ones Who Care”, “Turn The Tide”, “Heaven”

While the whole of the electronic dance community still struggles to wrap their heads around the trap scene, MiM0SA continues to lead his niche following into the Future Trill, which predates the modern conception of trapstyle and could best be described as trippy trap. While MiM0SA may not have the best reputation as a person, his music and particularly his live shows are surely something to behold. His latest mixtape Future Trill Vol. 1 is a collection of 21 songs that he has been reportedly working on for quite some time now. Compared to aarabMUZIK, MiM0SA’s style more heavily sits in the dance corner, but is equally suited for a nice spliff, as many of his studio tracks are actually quite ambient. Must Listen: “Neglect My Luv”, “SWRV”, “Rollin Up”, “Pink Sprite”