Rise Digital Music Festival Standout: Dirty Noise

Dirty Noise 2


Mixify.com decided to take a stand against festival norms that often include $5 waters, expensive travel plans and crowded, sometimes seedy venues. Mixify did this in an attempt to create a new type of festival – one that is not only free but also completely digital so you can enjoy the whole thing from the comfort of your arm chair (or the living room you temporarily converted into a dance floor). While there is the obvious allure of you and your friends joining thousands of fellow fans to enjoy great artists live and through huge sound systems, Mixify’s “think outside the box” idea has already produced some awesome sets during  the inaugural Rise Digital Music Festival. Big names and up-and-comers alike are able to remotely play sets to thousands across the world. One of the standout performances of Rise thus far has been Dirty Noise. I had heard of the Brazilian Dubstep specialist before but was not too familiar with his library. Curiosity left me very excited for his set but I quickly realized I was not ready for how good it would be. Quickly after he started, Dirty Noise blow the roof off the…server? He threw down some truly filthy Dubstep tracks. What made this set stand out though was how he seamlessly incorporated great sections of Trap, some great remixes and even included an amazing new sample that is likely to gain traction in the dance community (perk your ears up right around the 21 minute mark…). This set  is not for the faint of heart!

Dirty Noise – Rise Digital Music Festival