The Rebirth of Bootleg Fireworks

the rebirth

It’s the kind of present we have grown to expect from the cat loving, twitter whore Dillon Francis. No its’ not roses or a sappy love mix featuring tracks from the good ol’ days. Instead Francis has released a Rebirth edition of his hit single, one might call it a VIP Remix. Bootleg Fireworks has seen a cult following ever since Francis creatively allowed fans to be on cover for a day by slapping a mask on and giving the iconic pose captured above (brilliant branding on his part).For the remix package Dillon takes on the duties himself and drops an entirely too heavy version of Bootleg Fireworks that may result in a broken back.  The track hits harder, has heavier drops, and is just an overall more badass version in my opinion. So wipe off those tears of despair as you wake up alone, crank the volume up, and dance the day away with Dillon Francis.

Dillon Francis – Bootleg Fireworks (The Rebirth)

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