Tim Green’s Profound Sound


Tim Green has produced some very interesting and catchy tracks over the last few years.  His strengths lie in the generally out-there sound palette featured in his productions and the tracks he chooses for his DJ sets.  This ingenuity is what has earned him a place on some of the worlds’ finest imprints (Get Physical, Cocoon, and Dirtybird, to name a few), and it is what will sustain him as owner of forthcoming Bedlam records. His soon-to-debut label will be a showcase for the cutting edge taste and craftiness that we’ve come to expect from Mr. Green. While this admittedly vague synopsis might not be enough to prove the point I am about to make: I think Tim Green will play a big role in the ever-evolving sound of deep/tech. To start, let’s examine the body of recent work; specifically I’d like to offer up a couple of recent mixes and his latest EP release called The Quiet Hour released on Get Physical in 2012. Tim’s music is a slightly different “spin” on the deep tech house that we’ve been hearing a lot of over the past year;  It isn’t as much soulful as it is jazzy and almost tribal in character. Overall, there’s a different profile to the music; a different mixture of sounds that we haven’t quite experienced yet.  It is to be heard, not explained so I will stop right here. Enjoy.


Tim Green- The Quiet Hour (Original Mix)

Tim Green- Rust (Original Mix)

Tim Green- Scatch (Original Mix)


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Read more for mixes and track listings…

1) Ejeca – Dazed (Needwant)
2) Loquace – LIttle Helper 46-6 (Little Helpers)
3) Philip Bader, Davide Squillace, Big Bully – Good luck on the romance thing (This And That)
4) Tim Green – Krunder (T.W.I.C.E. On The Air Remix) (Flumo Recordings)
5) Luca C & Brigante – Flash of Light ft. Roisin Murphy (Tale Of Us & Mind Against Remix) (Southern Fried Remix)
6) Jay Shepheard, Matthew Burton, Kate Rathod – Dodge The Degenerate (Retrofit)
7) Audiojack – No Equal Sides (2020 Vision)
8) Boris Werner – Shadowdancin’ (Get PHysical Music)
9) Gutto Serta – Sum’ Day (GreelPound)
10) Alexis Raphael – Warhorn (Hot WAves)
11) Jesse Perez – Hialeah House Party (Off Recordings)
12) Timid Boy – Oh Oh! Do It! (Form)
13) Brett Johnson – Mr. Smarty Pants (Hudd Traxx)
14) Jay Shepheard, Matthew Burton, Kate Rathod – Moon Pie (Retrofit)
15) Enzo Siragusa – Sagamore (Fuse London)
16) Audiofly & Close Sense – Gonzo (Supernature)
17) Boris Werner – Goodie 2 Shoes (Soweso Records)
18) Tom Demac – Critical Distance (Hypercolour

1) Toy – Modern Heads – Elettronica Romana
2) Brainstorming – Gregorythyme – Raoul
3) Abou you – Canson – URSL
4) Endagered Species – No Regular Play – Wolf and Lamb
5) L.o.v.e. – Sammy W & Alex E – Sintope
6) Title #7 – Leon Vynehall – Well rounded housing project
7) H.O.U.S.E. (Arttu Instrumental) – Gerd – 4 Lux Black
8) Mr. Dee – D-Andy & T-Rony – cdr
9) Sometimes – Onno & Russo – Bedlam Records
10) Cofidence – Daniel Stefanik – Cocoon Recordings
11) Clunker (Avatism Remix) – Spitzer – Infinè
12) 616 – Tim Green – cdr
13) Timeline – Betoko, Climbers – My Favourite robot
14) See Sense – Yaya & Jun – Knock Knock Series
15) Scar – Tim Green – cdr