Underground Weekly


Dear Readers,

Today we bring to you the first edition of a new weekly on the site dedicated to the best of the underground out there in the present and the past. This will be your resource to listen to House/Techno mixes that bubbled up from the several mixes and live sets that I listen to every week to bring you only the very best! Today we feature three amazing mixes that represent the underground but are very unique in their own way and span from minimal to techno to tribal house.

1. Adam Beyer brings to you an episode of Drumcode all the way from Berlin. This set focuses on three hours of dirty bass lines to keep you dancing!

2. Umek releases the 82nd episode of Behind the Iron Curtain podcast. This is a pumping hour long techno mix with strong bass lines and epic buildups.

3. You’re all probably wondering what that picture is doing at the top of this article. Well, it’s time for the last and best mix of this week, here is a mix by the S-Man himself. Roger Sanchez plays out this 90 minute mix with his guests Tune Brothers. It’s a perfect blend of house, tribal and tech house. Go ahead try it and ‘Release yourself’!