Cassian Takes Me Away… and JackLNDN Brings Me Back


First up in this double package of gut wrenchingly great disco funk is an Aussie doing an Aussie. Yup that’s right, Australian artists RÜFÜS recently released a huge debut album with the major single being reworked by fellow countryman Cassian. This track dives right into the deep end only to emerge with some great vocals that give it an overall indie vibe. The track just continues to drive in my point that Cassian is one of the most talented guys doing this line of work down under. I’ve caught him once live and can’t wait til he takes me away one more time.

Fresh off his contest winning work on Cazzette’s Weapon, JackLNDN is back with a brand new remix vibing his now signature sound. Grafting the sexy new vocals off  Bob Sinclar‘s upcoming new single ‘See Line Woman’ into a heavenly mix that will put you in euphoria. Yet another remix entry for the kid over the pond that we hope you can vote for if you love the track like we do (VOTE HERE). If he wins enough of these, he’ll have to come stateside for some gigs.. and maybe finally offer up some tracks for free 😉