Crizzly & Logun Love Ass & Tittiez


After a pretty epic performance this weekend up at Snowball Music Fest accompanied by Lil’ Flip, Crizzly wasted no time getting back in the studio. Teaming up with Baltimore native and filthy trap master Logun to bring us some absolutely grimey crunkstep. Going in deep on the Three Six Mafia classic Ass and Titties the duo breaks it down and drops some filthty dub or “crunkstep” on top of a well reworked set of vocals guaranteed to piss your girlfriend off. Finally there is nothing like a good comment from The Office’s Rainn Wilson to really add some legitimacy to your brand new crunkstep track, so whats it gonna be readers Ass or Tittiez? Because according to Dwight Schrute you can’t have both.

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