In Case You Missed It: Russ Chimes’ Take on Flaws and Minding Kolombo’s Business


Let me stop you right there: yes, I realize I’m posting these songs months after their release dates. But that’s the glory of things here at MMIBTY – we post music we like and want to share with the world, whether the tracks came out yesterday or ten years ago. As Brian (BHanna) mentioned earlier today as part of his Ultra Music Festival editorial preview, we’re not your typical music blog and we aren’t afraid to post music off the beaten path or to really speak our minds. Russ Chimes is one of our favorite House producers and he has a sound that can fluctuate anywhere from chilled-out to funky Disco to straight up Electro. His Expressway mix series is flawless (no pun intended) and on Expressway Part 5 he features both his remix of Bastille‘s “Flaws” and Kolombo‘s original track “My Own Business”, the latter of the two I actually meant to post quite some time ago but it got away from me. Chimes’ version of “Flaws” is just too good to go unnoticed, combining a groovy beat with soulful vocals and something that just makes me wish Summer was here so I could cruise down the highway blasting it with my windows down. Kolombo’s “My Own Business” is a Deep House track that I’ve heard in several live sets and mixes that has the distinct sound of cowbells combined with low-pitched male vocals that actually flow in Hip-Hop essence across the track.

These tracks receive “In Case You Missed It” status because if you weren’t paying attention several months ago they may have slipped under your radar, but it’s never too late to check them out. “My Own Business” was released in August 2012 while “Flaws” came out in November 2012. Check out the amazing original version of “Flaws” recorded at Abbey Road below.

Bastille – Flaws (Russ Chimes Remix) | Purchase at Beatport
Kolombo – My Own Business | Purchase at Beatport